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What Is a Hygrothermal Building Assessment?

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Peter Yost
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Moisture Control for Health
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Hygro refers to water, and thermal refers to heat. In buildings, you really can’t manage heat without also managing moisture. For example, if you increase how much insulation is in a wall, you may also be increasing the risk of moisture and mold problems.

There are four ways that buildings can get wet:

  • bulk water leaks (rain dripping through a hole in your roof)
  • wicking (groundwater being pulled up through a concrete foundation)
  • air leaks (condensation inside a wall assembly)
  • vapor diffusion (high interior relative humidity in the winter; high exterior relative humidity in the summer)

 And there are just three ways they can dry when they get wet:

  • drainage (intentional spaces between building components)
  • air flow (convective drying, like your hair dryer)
  • evaporation (low relative humidity and adding the sun for drying)

Frankly, four against three can add up to less than the greatest odds for drying.

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Leaders in Sustainable Design Speaking at AIA Convention 2015

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Alana Fichman
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BuildingGreen's Top Stories
AIA Convention

Looking for the greenest updates at Convention this year? Here is our quick roundup.

As architects and other design professionals from around the nation gather in Atlanta this week, they will find that the gap between design and sustainable design is narrower than ever. But if you are looking for the greenest talks of them all, look no further! Many of today’s greatest minds in sustainable design will be sharing their stuff—with everything from specifying healthier building materials to the latest on resilient design leadership to geeking out on energy modeling.

Don’t see your sustainability-related session here? Add it in the comments below! Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, May 13

Transforming Firm Culture and Process; Embracing Sustainability and Getting to 2030

Nadav Malin, Barbra Batshalom, Betsy del Monte

8:30 a.m.– 5:30 p.m., All Day Workshop, WE205, Room B304


How To Specify Healthy Building Materials

Mike Manzi, Stacey Glass, Tom Lent, Bill Walsh, Russell Perry

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