The Specifics



Once the garage design has been finalized, the next step is to complete a survey of your property (where necessary). After the survey, all of the required permit documentation is organized and your building permit is applied for and approved. If your contractor asks you to apply for an “owner permit”, beware! Many times this is because the contractor is not properly licensed or insured. If you pull the permit for your builder you are ultimately responsible for building code compliance and may also bear any liability due to accident or injury on the job.

Site Preparation

Preparing your site for the new garage entails removing any old garages, concrete, sod, trees, bushes, and fences that were identified during design. It’s important to choose an experienced removal specialist. Heavy equipment is required and takes a highly skilled operator to avoid damaging yours or your neighbor’s property. Their high level of skill and experience also ensures the grade and elevation are set correctly for your new garage.



Producing quality concrete is both art and science. Selecting only experienced concrete professionals is critical to ensuring a high quality job. From ground preparation, to setting up the forms, to placing the reinforcement, to selecting the appropriate mix, to pouring the concrete, to applying the final finish, experience means everything. Sussel’s concrete professionals utilize only the highest quality redi-mix meeting Sussel’s select specifications. These specifications include utilizing 4000 PSI (pounds per square inch) high strength concrete redimix air entrained, recommended by the Portland Cement Association for Upper-Midwest weather conditions for extra strength and to maintain a smoother and much harder surface.

Framing Materials

It goes without saying that the quality of your garage largely depends upon the quality of the materials used to build it. Make sure to select a builder that takes the quality of their materials seriously. Some builders simply look for the lowest priced materials they can find, regardless of quality. Avoid any builder that sources their construction lumber from a big-box retail store. These retails stores typically carry lower grade, picked through, materials of inconsistent quality. The best way to ensure you receive the highest quality materials is to choose a builder that only sources their materials from professional/contractor grade lumber yards. There is quite a difference.



Just as important as the quality of materials is the quality of the carpentry work. Insist on only highly experienced and skilled carpenters. Those with a long history of specialized carpentry knowledge, skills, and expertise. It’s generally best to avoid the “jack of all trades” types – i.e. those who also do concrete work, install siding or roofing, etc. Choosing a builder who utilizes carpentry specialists will provide a higher level of workmanship with more consistent results.


Siding is another area where specialization is critical. There are many types of siding products - all with quite different physical properties and installation specifications. It is critical that your siding professional understands the specific installation requirements of the product they are installing for you. Given the ever changing weather/environmental conditions we experience here in Minnesota, it is even more important to make sure your siding materials are properly installed. If incorrectly installed, changes in temperature and humidity will adversely affect the appearance as well as the durability of the siding products.



A properly installed roof will protect and extend the life of your garage. There are a few key elements to consider. When it comes to selecting a shingle brand, choose a major manufacturer with a proven history and strong reputation in roofing products. All of the top manufacturers offer a wide range of shingle types, styles, and color selections. Also consider the differences in warranties provided by each manufacturer as well. It’s critical to choose an experienced roofing professional to ensure your roofing products are installed per the manufacturer’s requirements. When roofing is improperly installed, the underlying building as well as the product warranties are put at risk.


Select your electrician carefully. Only qualified and licensed electricians should be allowed to do work on your garage. You want to ensure that your electrical system will provide reliable service that meets all of your needs. But more importantly, shoddy electrical work can compromise everyone’s safety.

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