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The details you see inside your home are as important as the windows you see through. That’s why SusselBuilders offers a wide range of glass and trim options to express your personal style. From the handcrafted details of custom grids, to the high-class antique look of beveled leaded glass, to the warmth of complementary wood grain finishes, our decorative options are offered with custom-made quality to ensure performance and style are equal partners.

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Decorative Options Portfolio

Ultra Trim - Pre-Finished Interior Trim is the perfect complement to your Sussel Builders windows and patio doors, adding that rich, final detail that says you really care about your home.

Colors - SusselBuilders offers a number of popular color combinations. You might choose from the subtle, warm tones of our standard white or beige windows

Interior Grids - All grid patterns are available on all SusselBuilders replacement, specialty and new construction window models. Plus, all grids are enclosed within the insulated glass unit so they provide all the warmth and beauty, but don’t interfere with cleaning.

Cut Glass - Cut and polished glass patterns lend elegance and sophistication to the interior and exterior of your home. These refined yet durable designs add a level of opulence and visual interest that once commanded a premium price.

Beveled Leaded Glass - This decorative feature is available in four styles to complement the architecture of your home, with brass, lead or pewter-toned caming metal as an additional opportunity to customize your look.


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